My fridge – part 1

As I was looking into my fridge yesterday, prepping food for the week, I had a thought. Why don’t I photograph the whole fridge and post one photo per post over the course of the week? You can see exactly what I have, good, bad and ugly… So here is the first photo:

These are the top 2 shelves. Very top, left side are some chicken and beef bones for stock. Behind them is a bowl of watermelon that I need to get rid of. We kept it too long and it went bad. On the right side is a bowl of raw chicken ready for roasting, perched on a glass container of fermented salmon (gravlox). I took it out of the brine this morning and will eat it in the next 2-3 days.

Shelf below: jar on the left is Udo’s Choice baby probiotic. I really need to use it up – I keep forgetting. Behind it is a bowl of pork pemmican. Front center are 2 yogurts – these are Canadian, very thick and creamy – not GAPS legal. I buy them for my toddler until I can make my own. Behind them is a tomato paste jar with my kefir grains resting. Left side is a glass container of pancakes with some leftover cauliflower mash on top. You can see the big container of Daisy sour cream in the back, too. I love that stuff!!

Today was tiring. I wanted to sleep with my toddler but he went down early and I wasn’t sleepy. He only slept an hour so he went down by 9 tonight. Nice… quiet evening…. Nothing spectacular about food. Hamburgers for lunch again… yum. Back to the grindstone tomorrow!


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