Busy kitchen

Here are some things that have kept me busy this weekend. I’m still a newbie when it comes to blogs so please excuse my horrible picture-taking skills. My camera is not the best. Since I couldn’t figure out how to intersperse the pictures with text, comments will come first, followed by pictures.

First up is the bounty I got from the farmer’s market this morning (just some of it..). From the left you see 2 springs of basil, cucumbers (I got 12 small cukes for $3), tomatoes (I got 6 larger ones and something like 12 small ones), peppers (I counted 15 small peppers for $2.50), peaches (can you believe the size??? nothing like a GA peach! I got 6 of those bad boys), apples (local Gala – I like the small size), zucchini and squash (3 zucchini and 6 squashes – I like that they had a mixed basket), eggplant (got 2 small ones) and lettuce (aren’t they gorgeous? the red one is called something like lolla larossa and the green is bibb – $2 per head). Everything just looks so beautiful!!

Almonds soaking – not that exciting, I know. This is actually a small bowl – a bowl about twice this size was already soaked and in the dehydrator.

I made gravlox with some wild sockeye salmon that’s in season right now. The color of the fish was just beautiful! G didn’t want any this time around.. maybe tomorrow? I had it as a salad tonight (the picture doesn’t do it justice). It was delicious.

Chocolate peppermint macaroons I made – need I say more? G loves macaroons.

I was really proud of our lunch and dinner tonight.. whenever most of my meal is local/pastured/organic/etc. I feel a real sense of accomplishment. On the other hand, since two of us in the house don’t do GAPS there are some illegal items in the fridge as well. I took some photos and will post them over the next few days. Yep, good, bad and the ugly!!

Oh, before I forget: I had 2 BM’s today!!! Unheard of.. one this morning and one late afternoon/evening. I wonder if the kefir and increasing ferments is finally working: I’m doing dairy kefir, water kefir and 2 veggie ferments every day.

Food diaries
B: eggs over ham (not GAPS legal), red SK, tomato, radish, Parmesan cheese
Snack: 1/2 carrot muffin with butter
Late L: hamburgers (beef, mayo, coconut flour, salt/pepper, eggs, garlic), avocado with EVOO and lemon juice, red SK, tomato, mustard/LF ketchup/mayo, onions sauteed in lard, water kefir
D: local lettuce, fermented salmon, mayo, water, kefir, small coffee with creamer/bit of sugar


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