Plans for the weekend

I was perusing some blogs this morning (I have soo many that I follow, both GAPS and non-GAPS related but all real food, of course) and I found this post. It has inspired me to clean out my fridge and freezer through this weekend and next week. I have so many ‘mystery bags’ and leftovers, who knows how old, that I really need to clean up. Especially now, when DH and older son are out of town. They don’t care for leftovers much and probably wouldn’t eat half of my GAPS-inspired food. So I’m seizing the opportunity!! I’m planning on going to the local market tomorrow morning. I usually get veggies, some fruit and this week I also need to get another gallon of local raw honey. I think it’s a steal at $45.

I’m also making dessert!! Real, honest to goodness dessert. I’ve been ‘making do’ with macaroons and carrot muffins, but I want something more like a regular dessert! What am I making? Umm… I’m not sure yet! I’ve been collecting recipes for months now – mostly GAPS legal – and there are so many options!! Waffles, cookies, muffins, fudge…. I think I’m going to make some muffins with coconut flour and the cereal posted on made with almond flour. I’m almost out of almond flour so I’m going to make some with my crispy almonds and then order Honeyville’s when I get the chance. And something chocolate!!

Update 10pm
Today’s dinner came together so well!! I cleaned out the fridge and felt so satisfied after the meal. G ate great. He loves SK. I was afraid he wouldn’t eat the red SK since it’s a different color but he liked that one as well. I made it with some fresh ginger (not enough) and fresh dill – very yummy. I did have a few squirts of the whipped cream again.. I really need to get rid of that can.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, pancakes, SK, sausage
L: crockpot beef fried in lard, zucchini/squash latkes fried in lard, red SK, kefir/kefired cream, 1/2 carrot muffin with butter, 1/2 apple
D: fauxtatoes with lard/sausage fat/butter, chicken sauteed in ghee, veggies in lard, spinach with butter and sour cream (Daisy brand), SK, few pistachios, few sips of juice, coconut water


One response to “Plans for the weekend

  1. Wow… our unheated raw honey is $29/gallon. I thought that was expensive! I will be thankful now! 🙂 Dessert sounds lovely, I am trying to stay off fruit and am out of almond flour at the moment. Love your updates!

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