Formula for lunches

I had a BM this morning around 9:30. I normally have my one daily BM around 3-4pm. I wonder if I will have another one? I so want to believe that my body has healed enough to have spontaneous BMs multiple times a day but I’m not sure. Guess we’ll see….

Today I thought I would give you my formula for lunches. I work away from home so I pack my breakfast and lunch every day. Over some time I noticed I basically have a formula down so I always know what to take. Here it is:

  • 2 thermoses: one has soup, the other some protein with veggies and broth
  • kefir: I mix about a cup or so of kefir with some kefired cream
  • fruit: 1 serving
  • sweet: 1/2 muffin with butter or some PB/AB/butter mixture
  • water kefir: this is a recent addition; I pour some into a glass bottle I saved from some mineral water (can’t remember the size)
  • ferment: usually 1/2 cup or so of SK or kimchi

Sometimes I have an avocado (or 1/2) as well, some condiments like LF ketchup but the rest remains the same. Other than the fruit I transport everything in glass – my thermoses are stainless steel. I keep real salt, EVOO and raw honey at work to add as needed.

Update 2pm
I finished the soup/broth and cherries and I’m enjoying the water kefir. I’m really not that hungry. I have a feeling I’ll eat everything but the beef/asparagus/broth and have that tonight with the kimchi. No BM but it could come later this afternoon.

Update 6pm
I nursed G when I got back home and he fell asleep. I’m sure he’ll be up till 10 tonight… sigh. Oh well. I’m eating leftovers from lunch and cooking up some veggies for G (onion, zucchini, squash, pepper in sausage fat with some beef stock). I probably won’t blog tonight. We’ll go to sleep together.

Update 9:15am following day
Found out from the nanny G didn’t sleep at all during the day. He wound up sleeping from about 5:45 till after 8pm. I slept with him from 7 till 8 which was good because we didn’t turn in for the night until 11pm. Hopefully today will be better!

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with mustard, butter, pancakes, hard cheese (raw Gouda)
L: squash leek soup thinned with broth plus pate, kefir/kefired cream, water kefir, cherries, 1/2 muffin with butter, kimchi
D: beef, asparagus and broth, PB/AB/butter mix with a bit of honey, few Fritos (darn it…)


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