Toddler on intro

I started G on intro today. He turned 18 months yesterday. He’s in very good health – the only issue is eczema. It started when he was around 1 month and worsened until about 6 months. Then after a change in his carseat it disappeared! The chiropractor who recommended the change said that the lack of support in his back could have affected digestion. Since then it’s been gone, except for once when he was sick. He got the eczema for 2 weeks and then it disappeared as he got healthy. I noticed a few patches a couple of months ago but couldn’t pinpoint the reason. It’s since gone as well. DH left for Europe yesterday so it’s only the 2 of us for 3 weeks. What an opportunity!!

He had veggie soup with whey this morning and then a few bites of chicken and zucchini cooked in broth. Chamomile tea with honey (1 tsp) complemented it. I did make juice today (about 1/3 carrot and apple and rest was lettuce, cucumber, celery and mint). He wanted some and I gave him about 1/4 cup. He also had a tsp of ghee with a touch of honey. There are no sweets around so that shouldn’t be an issue. But there is fruit (which I won’t eat in front of him). He’s been nursing quite a bit today – he might be dealing with DH leaving. He cried at the airport yesterday… I didn’t have much appetite, either.

Update 8:50am next day
Didn’t get to finish my post yesterday. G was whiny and I was trying to get so much done last night. Finally went down and I crashed soon after. His lunch and dinner went much better. I did sort of roll stages 1 and 2 into one for him so we tried raw egg yolk with lunch (it was late – around 3 pm when he woke up). He also had a bite of my squash pancake and 1 tsp of whipped cream (commercial, with sugar). It’s tough doing intro with a toddler!!! I waited until he slept to eat my 2 eggs.
I probably won’t blog today. He cried this morning… guess with DH and older brother gone he thinks I’ll leave him, too. I’ll be home early today since I have dentist appt. this afternoon (cleaning). He’s having a soft boiled egg this morning with veggies, ghee and pickle juice. Soup with pate for lunch; veggies for snacks. I explained to the nanny about no fruit or yogurt for now. I don’t think I can heal his eczema during these 3 weeks but I’m going to focus on broth, ferments (he loves them!!) and no illegals. That should help and it’s the best I can do!

Food diaries
B: veggie soup with whey, chicken and zucchini in broth, kefir cheese (for me), 2 eggs with butter (for me), juice
L: fish poached in broth with raw egg yolk, veggies cooked in broth with ghee, whey, pickle juice, kefir (for me)
D: ground beef casserole with veggies, ghee, cauliflower (cooked in water), pickle juice


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