I love beef!

Lately I’ve been craving beef…. and indulging accordingly. I have cooked beef ribs and roasts in the crockpot and used ground beef for burgers and casseroles. I purchased 1/2 a cow from a local farm and I don’t think I’ll be buying it any other way again. I love the variety of cuts I have and the flavor can’t be beat.

Update 9:45pm
Work was nuts today. I barely had time to eat but I finished everything. We went out to eat and I cheated a bit. Had a drink (haven’t had a drink other than red wine once or twice a year since about 3 years ago) and Parmesan cheese. I guess it’s more of a stretch than cheat. I did drink some broth when I got home. I’m off to bed so I can get up to go to the market tomorrow morning. I’m out of honey!

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, pancakes
L: beef with beets and ghee, squash leek soup with pate, 1/2 avocado, kimchi, SK, AB/butter mix, strawberries
D: out to Italian: Caesar salad without croutons, Parmesan-breaded chicken with arugula and tomato salad, lemon vinaigrette, sauteed zucchini with tomato and basil, Pomegranate martini, water, beef broth with carrots and onions


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