Intro – day 23

Just an ordinary day today… Toddler is eating again so that takes a bit of stress out of my life. DH is flying out this weekend for 3 weeks to go pick up our 7 YO from the in-laws. Otherwise, same old, same old…

Update 1pm
I ate my soup and broth with meat and veggies. I added EVOO to both. Pickle juice tastes sooo good…

I thought I’d post some notes on how I prepare my food for the week. I work during the week so my cooking time is limited then. I prep a lot during the weekend. If I’m making broth I’ll cook a whole crockpot on Saturday and strain/divide on Sunday. I usually get 4-5 quarts. I freeze some, use some for soups, leave some as is. I crockpot a cut of beef – usually a roast or ribs. I use the broth I get from that in soups or plain. I puree soft bits, fat, some meat into ‘pate’ and freeze some in ice-cube trays for later use. I cook some veggies. This week I cooked a pot of green beans with carrots. I wound up mixing some weak-tasting beef broth with the rich broth I got from my rump roast and cooked them together with veggies (celery, carrot, onion). I will be eating the carrots and onions with the beef during the week. I also have napa cabbage, eggplants and asparagus waiting – I’ll probably cook them later this week, somehow… As for soups this week, I just finished my squash soup from last week and I defrosted some borscht from last week as well. I have one more serving of that left. I usually cook a big pot of soup on Sunday and freeze some if I have extra. This week I took some soups out of the freezer and didn’t cook any. I had some cut up zucchini and squash from the weekend and I cooked those yesterday and finished up the bowl. I set up some kimchi as my SK and pickles are running low. I need to make more kefir and kefired cream this weekend as well. Oh, and I roasted 3 chicken thighs in my toaster oven yesterday – mainly for my toddler’s lunches, but also for me to break the monotony of beef this week. That’s about it!!

Update 4pm
Had another BM!! I know, I know, I should stop being this happy… but you will understand once you go on intro and get the big C. When I first started full GAPS I was going every day. Then all of a sudden on intro I stopped. Nothing for 3 days!! So I had to do enemas daily for over a week (which is nothing compared to others but was still a pain). I’m hoping by next week I can quit enemas completely and just ‘go’. I’m still planning on getting digestive enzymes and probiotics to help colonize the gut with good guys.

Update 10pm
I really enjoyed shrimp tonight – I haven’t had any in months. I was able to buy local wild GA shrimp past weekend. I’ve been craving kefir – it’s never happened before! I used to force myself to drink it. Now I can’t get enough!! My kimchi is doing great. There are sooo many bubbles!! It looks beautiful and tastes mild to medium which is perfect for me. I’m hoping DH will eat some – he’s not much for SK. I’m off to read for a bit, then off to bed.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs in ghee, pancakes, butter, beef (few leftover pieces that wouldn’t fit in my thermos for lunch)
L: squash soup with pate and 2 tsps EVOO, beef, carrots, green beans, broth with tsp of EVOO, kefir/kefired cream, cherries, pickles and pickle juice, PB/AB/butter, water
D: few bites of beef with tomato sauce, shrimp with garlic and napa cabbage in coconut oil, few swigs of kefir, small banana, fruit tea, 1/2 carrot muffin with butter


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