Intro – day 19

Yep, I’m still counting. I hope to be done with intro by next weekend. I had some cooked apple last night and it went well. My last step is raw fruit and baked goods. Once I’m fine with those, I’m going to start other things like cocoa, mustard, etc. There really aren’t a lot of non-intro items to add back!! I’m going to keep drinking broth, doing pate… EVOO is kinda spotty – I only add it if it ‘makes sense’. Like this morning it didn’t – not with the food I was eating (there was already lard and butter there). But it will work for lunch so I’ll do it. I’m doing quite a bit of onions but not enough garlic. I will fix that. I’m going to juice on the weekends – mostly veggies, some fruit. I may try fermented fish again, too. The salmon was very good.

Update 1pm
Ate soup and SK (almost a cup). I also did about 2 tsps of EVOO. I looked through my GAPS ‘diary’ and here are some things I’m planning to finish intro:

  • From stage 2: raw egg yolks – I don’t do this routinely because I can’t get ‘good’ eggs on a regular basis (they’re delivered on Thursdays around 3 pm and I work); I can go to a HFS to get local pastured eggs but it’s an extra stop; I will make an effort to buy these twice monthly and do at least 1 raw egg yolk daily
  • fermented fish: gravlox!!
  • From stage 3: probiotic veggies: kimchi is next on my list, then maybe carrots and green beans
  • From stage 4: juicing: I will be doing this on the weekends
  • nut bread – I will try this eventually; I’m reluctant to add too many nut things as I suspect candida
  • From stage 5: raw veggies – don’t crave them right now but it would be nice to know I can handle a salad if we go out to eat
  • From stage 6: I’m not there yet so I’m not worried; I’m looking forward to adding raw fruit this weekend. I don’t care to increase honey at this point. I will try baked goods next week sometime – again, not in a hurry.

Quite a plan, huh? Still, I’m a planner so it’s nice to have a ‘direction’. DH is planning to lose some weight (maybe 15-20 lbs – plus quit smoking, quit coffee, exercise…) so hopefully I can cook more GAPS/primal – friendly and eliminate/reduce some starches/grains.

Update 4:45pm
About to leave work – I had 4 almonds just now. I left 1/2 avocado (or a bit more) for tonight. I had a BM!! Okay, just one piece, but still.. no enema required. I hope it’s a sign of good things to come!!

Update 9:45pm
Had another BM! This one was a couple of pieces and looked more like what I think a BM should be. I’m so psyched about this!! I did pretty good while eating out. I tried the cooked peaches today: super ripe, with plenty of fat. We’ll see how I handle them. I’m going to make the carrot muffins this weekend and try some raw fruit.

Food diaries
B: beef hot dogs, zucchini and squash in lard, butter, pancakes
L: squash soup with pate, crockpot beef, cabbage, tomato sauce, various fats, EVOO, avocado, SK, PB/AB/butter
D: out to Mexican: fajita chicken salad (lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken/onions/peppers, guacamole, sour cream), unsweet tea (I only had about 1/2), peaches cooked in ghee and served with cinnamon and butter

I’m not listing tea anymore. I still have 2-3 teas daily, all with fresh ginger. My staples are chamomile, mint medley and mint/chamomile. I also do hibiscus/licorice and other fruit teas (some might not be GAPS legal because of other ingredients like soy lecithin) but I only do 1 fruit tea a day. All are served with 1 tsp of honey (each tea is probably 1.5 cups).


4 responses to “Intro – day 19

  1. Magda, I’m wondering what hot dogs you use that are gaps legal. I’m about 1 1/2 months into full gaps, and feeling so overwhelmed. hotdogs would be awesome and easy 🙂 Thanks. -Erin

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