Intro – day 18

I skipped the enema last night – just didn’t feel like it.

Update 2:30pm
I think I’m going to finish everything today. Kefir tastes sooo good. That touch of kefired cream mixed in makes all the difference!! I feel like I could drink cups and cups of kefired cream… any reason I shouldn’t? Other than cost that is….
I’ve been trying to figure out how much honey and nuts I’m having each day… I came to the conclusion that I’m having about 3-4 tsps of honey plus 1-2 tbsp of nut butter a day. I don’ t think that’s bad.. though I’m sure my candida loves it. When I add fruit I think I’ll have one serving a day.

Update 9:20pm
Dinner was awesome!! I finished my coconut milk kefir and I think I will do more. It tasted good. Kefired cream isn’t ready and I don’t have enough grains to do milk at the same time. Arghh!! I made a batch of squash pancakes (these are my ‘sweet’ version: steamed kabocha squash, almond butter, eggs, touch of cinnamon and honey); I ate 3 small pancakes (they’re only 2″ in diameter). Off to do an enema (hate it but needs to be done). I’m ordering digestive enzymes next week – I sure hope they help! Good night.

Food diaries
B: 2 soft boiled eggs, sausage patty, butter, zucchini pancakes, tea with ginger and honey
L: crockpot beef and tongue, broth, pate, beef casserole with broccoli and tomato sauce, butter, SK, pickles, kefir/kefired cream, PB/AB/butter with a touch of honey, mint tea with ginger and honey, 3 almonds
D: cod sauteed in olive oil and ghee with garlic, fresh tomato sauce, various veggies with butter, coconut milk kefir (it actually tasted good today!), water, apple cooked in CO and ghee with cinnamon and butter


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