Intro – day 17

Just realized I forgot my ‘treat’: almond and peanut butter with butter and honey. Darn it… I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep from eating the fruit or the macaroon. I so hate wasting food and my toddler wouldn’t eat it (neither would DH). I won’t do it again – the tummy ache wasn’t pleasant. I’m having some raw veggies today (lettuce and tomato) so we’ll see how it goes. If I do well, I may try fruit this weekend. Raw that is – I may try the cooked apple again this week (I’m going to cook till soft this time).

I can’t believe I haven’t had chocolate or cocoa for weeks!! I used to have a little square of dark chocolate every day. I may still go back to that eventually (if I do, it’s only organic no soy lecithin chocolate for me; as dark as I can stomach). Right now I want some of my homemade chocolate covered frozen bananas – GAPS legal!!! I honestly don’t care anymore about potatoes or rice or rice pasta. I do want to go back to salads and fruit but it can wait. I eventually hope to do the candida diet but only after my toddler is weaned (he’s nursing more than ever since he’s teething but the worse may be past us). That will be tough….

Update 1pm
I think I took too much food! I still have this left: SK, kefir, salad, 1/2 avocado. I don’t think I’ll eat it all. Eggplant casserole was yummy. I don’t think I’m drinking enough. It’s cold in my office and I’m drinking hot tea to keep warm. Cold water does not appeal… I will try.

Update 4pm
Didn’t have time for 2nd tea so I drank water. I finished the salad, avocado and some SK. Oh and kefir. Yum. I left the rest of the SK to go with my dinner. I had 5 almonds as my ‘treat’ (they are soaked and dried; I keep a small container at work as emergency’).

Update 9:30pm
I forgot to say that for the past 2 days and today I’ve been having about a cup of coconut milk kefir. It’s not my favorite but I ‘doctor it up’ with cinnamon, honey and vanilla and it’s palatable. I’m going to make some water kefir this weekend and more dairy kefir as well. I love it mixed with my kefired cream… yum. Feeling quite good.. off to do the enema.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with bacon grease and butter, chorizo, EVOO, zucchini pancakes, chamomile tea with ginger and honey
L: boiled chicken with pate in broth, ground beef eggplant casserole with broccoli, zucchini and squash in bacon grease, 1/2 avocado, SK, pickles, kefir/kefired cream
D: crockpot beef and tongue, broth, cabbage, tomato salsa, SK, butter, coconut milk kefir, 1 macaroon (I caved!!), PB/AB/butter mix, tea with ginger and honey, mineral water


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