Intro – day 16

My stomachache subsided around 9:30 last night. I had a small coffee, too, which didn’t seem to affect me.

Back on track today.

Update 1pm
The food didn’t taste good today. I’m not sure why.. my tummy was still a bit upset this morning. I’m adding more EVOO in hopes it will end my C. I didn’t get a chance to do the beet enema over the weekend… maybe tonight. Toddler is still going down late so I have a hard time squeezing in the enema at night. I feel like there is a bit more ‘action’ in my bowels these days: I hear/feel gurgling, I have some gas (but not much), etc. Good sign? The zucchini pancakes were so yummy this morning. I fried them in bacon fat (not GAPS legal bacon so fat may not be, either, but I wasn’t about to throw it out!!).

Update 2:30pm
Kefir tasted sooo good!! I prefer the kefired cream… I may buy more of that and maybe do it 1/2 and 1/2 with kefired milk (I have local raw grassfed milk and grassfed pasteurized cream). My tummy seems to have settled. I’m going to have the avocado (it’s small so I may eat it whole but maybe I’ll save 1/2 for tomorrow – my other ones are not ripe yet) and the PB/B mix later.

Update 8:45am (next day)
The beet enema last night didn’t get out much ‘stuff’. It was messy!! I have pink splotches everywhere.. not sure I’ll be doing that again anytime soon. Had a stomachache at night – probably because of the fruit. Or macaroon. Both are out. I really need to keep away from them.

Food diaries
B: beef hot dogs with a bit of mustard, butter, zucchini pancakes, mint tea with ginger and honey
L: chicken broth with pate, tongue and beef ribs, veggie soup with pate, EVOO (in both soup and broth), avocado, kefir/kefired cream, pickles, SK, peanut butter with butter
D: roasted chicken, zucchini, squash and onion sauteed in sausage fat, tea with honey and ginger, macaroon, few bites of strawberry and peach


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