Intro – day 15

I moved too quick today and I paid for it. I’m not sure what the culprit is, but here is a list of this weekend’s ‘sins’:

  • coffee yesterday: with regular creamer and honey; I honestly don’t think this was it
  • raw veggies: tomato and onion; could have been it; for now I’m backing off raw veggies until at least Thursday – I’m going to try tomato and lettuce
  • raw fruit – taste here and there that shouldn’t have happened
  • cooked apple – it was just a bit crunchy so maybe not cooked long enough???
  • various other ‘illegals’: bite here, taste there… it could have all added up

I did do my enema today (probiotic and coffee) and I felt better. But I’ve had a stomachache since this afternoon and it’s almost 9pm. I’m going to skip listing foods I ate today – I didn’t do too bad though. I’m definitely back on track tomorrow. I have kefir and kefired cream ready. Also zucchini pancakes – these are awesome!! I did make some macaroons (with coconut) so maybe they didn’t agree with me?? I had 2. I think I rolled up stages 5 and 6 together.. oh well. I’m off to do movie night with DH and then I’m off to bed. It’s clean slate tomorrow.


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