Intro – day 13

It’s almost 2 and I’m about to do an enema. I’m going to do a probiotic one and then coffee. It smells so good!!

Went to a local market this morning and got tons of tomatoes, zucchini and yellow squash and peaches (I’m going to ripes those and freeze – maybe I can cook some with my apples as I’ve decided to do stage 5 after all). I juiced this morning – it was delicious!! I’m skipping nut bread for now. Next is cooked apple and raw veggies. Can’t wait!!

Update 4pm
Enemas went well – this time the ‘stuff’ was actually formed, not mushy. I only did 2 cups of coffee – saved the other half for later. I did cheat a bit today: I had a couple of roasted pistachios and a bite of raw Gouda cheese.

Update 10pm
My toddler went down a few minutes ago and I’m going to bed, too. I’m exhausted. Die-off? Not sure…

Food diaries
B: fried eggs, sausage, SK, tea with ginger and honey
L: juice (carrot, apple, celery, cucumber, mint, lettuce), borscht, 2 small hamburgers with mayo and LF ketchup, onion sauteed in lard (yep, a whole onion), green beans with carrots, tea with ginger and honey, pickles
D: cinnamon roasted squash, 1 tsp of peanut butter with honey, grapefruit sparkling water (La Croix)


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