Intro – day 12

The enema went fine last night though there wasn’t much ‘stuff’ that came out. I managed to do the quart with only 1 break!! I think if I wasn’t so impatient I could have done the entire thing at one sitting. I’m going to try and do more than 1 qt this weekend… or maybe I’ll do a quart coffee and then a quart of probiotic. That sounds good.

Not much change around here honestly. I’m finishing up my borscht, meatballs and crockpot beef. I defrosted some squash soup for this weekend. I’m also planning on making veggie soup and maybe roasting a chicken. Then I’ll use those bones and some fresh ones to make stock. I’m out of stock in my freezer. I’m going to try  juicing this weekend, too. I have carrots, apples, mint, lettuce and cucumber. Since they’ve been around since Saturday they’re not that fresh so I’ll use them up.

I feel like I’ve been eating more fat lately which is good. I was eating some ghee with honey last night and my toddler was looking at it like he wanted to try it. He’s been teething so he’s not much into food right now (he’s been eating a small breakfast, few bites throughout the day and then supper). He also nurses about 4-5 times through a 24 hr period (some at night). He ate 3 tsps of ghee with a bit of honey! Just like that… I kept remembering to use fat instead of the regular carby snacks and it worked. I’m going to try butter, too. Maybe even lard?? His crackers are almost gone and he’s been eating my macaroons, too. I’m going to put him on intro in 2 weeks. How the time has flown!! We’ll have 3 weeks without DH and his illegals. I hope I can keep the nanny from feeding him her lunch (my toddler likes to try everything!). He’s been pooping 2-3 times a day every day so I hope intro doesn’t send him into C!! Can’t imagine doing an enema on him… though if I must, I must.

OK, completely off topic: someone here at work is distributing these bran crackers from Norway. Basically wheat bran, rye flour, water, salt. Tons of fiber per 12 calorie slice. They are supposedly ‘appetite control’. What a joke!!! I kept thinking: ‘you want appetite control – eat some fat!!!’ I actually used to eat these flatbreads from Scandinavia: they were crispy and pretty tasty. I slathered them with butter! But honestly they are not that great for you – all those phytates and who knows if the wheat is not rancid. They hold absolutely no appeal for me anymore. I don’t miss bread much anymore, either. Except when I want pate or other ‘stuff’ that went great on bread. I may eventually do nut bread but for now I have to keep fruit (when I get to it) and nuts at bay – I tend to overeat. I’m pretty sure I have candida but I can’t do the anti-candida diet right now because I’m nursing. I just don’t think I could keep up. So for now it’s only limiting the sweets.

I’ve decided to add FCLO (fermented cod liver oil) and BO (butter oil) back to the diet. I did 1/2 tsp CLO last night (I need to finish the last bottle of Spectrum CLO before I start on Green Pastures FCLO) and it seemed fine. I’m going to do 1 tsp tonight. Then I’m adding BO capsules to try and heal my teeth (I have 2 that were put on ‘cavity watch’ that occassionally flare up – I’m hoping to heal them before I get a full-blown cavity).

Update 1pm
I finished my broth with meats, pickles and kefir. I’m fully satisfied!! I’m amazed that weeks ago I would be on my second thermos already! Wow… maybe my body really needed the nourishment. This gives me hope that maybe my system isn’t as messed up as I thought.

Update 9pm
I’m skipping the enema tonight… unless my toddler goes down early. I’m beat. (yep, skipped it and went to bed).

Food diaries
B: soft boiled egg, beef hot dog with butter, 1/2 avocado with EVOO (I didn’t measure – it was probably 1-2 tsp), 1 tbsp kefired cream/kefir cheese, tea with ginger and honey
L: broth with pate, meatballs and crockpot beef, borscht, 1/2 avocado, pancakes, almond butter/butter, pickles, kefired cream/kefir cheese
D: 1/2 chorizo sausage link, cabbage, onions in lard/sausage fat, 1/2 avocado with EVOO, tea with ginger and honey, tsp of ghee with honey, 1 tsp coconut milk kefir


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