Intro – day 11

Feeling good today. Last night kinda shook me, it really tired me, too. But I slept well. I posted my question about C and D – we’ll see what the wise GAPS folks say.

I’m continuing with kefired cream/kefir cheese and EVOO today. I’m planning 1 tsp at each meal today and up from there.

Update 11:30am
Got a lot of answers on my C/D question. Turns out it’s all normal! The cramping, diarrhea-like feeling, mushy ‘stuff’, etc. Okay. So I’m going to do a few more enemas, including coffee and beet, and see what happens. If nothing improves, then I’m going to try the digestive enzymes. Here are a couple I’m considering:
Both are pretty affordable so I may give it a go. I’m also eager to get back on BO and FLCO. I may add those first and see what happens.
I’m also realizing that my pate might be going bad: it’s turning pinkish (rather than the grayish color) and it’s sort of dissolved around the edges of the jar. I may have to chuck it. Darn. I do have some frozen from a previous batch so I’ll use it. I have to be careful next time – this stuff is really where the healing’s at! Off to have lunch.

Update 3:30pm
I wound up not eating my soup – just broth and meat. And I’m perfectly satisfied. I hate saying ‘full’ because it has a bad connotation for me. I finished the kefir (it tastes SO good to me and I didn’t really like it before; kefir cream is awesome!!) and pancakes and I’m finishing my avocado. Guess I’ll be having the squash soup for dinner… maybe some sausage with it (I have some awesome local pastured chorizo and Italian sausages). I did my tsp of EVOO with my avocado instead of soup. I guess one thermos of soup with meat is enough. I’m going to try and drink a cup of broth with my dinner. I really can’ t do it with breakfast…. maybe during winter.

Update 10pm
About to do my enema. This time it’s with salt and baking soda. I had to chuck my ‘pate’ – will know for next time. I made a casserole from ground been, onions, mushrooms and eggplant. Totally yummy. It should be 4-6 servings. Nothing exciting to report tonight. I’m hoping to go to bed before 11 tonight.

Food diaries
B: 2+ scrambled eggs with ghee and butter plus 1 tsp of EVOO, 1/2 small avocado with salt and 1 tbsp kefired cream/kefir cheese, SK
L: squash leek soup with watercress, pate, 1 tbsp kefired cream/kefir cheese and 1 tsp EVOO, broth with pate and beef, SK, 4 small pancakes, remaining 1/2 avocado
D: sausage, 1/2 onion cooked in sausage fat and lard, green beans and carrots in butter, tea with honey, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tsp of butter and touch of honey, pickle juice, 1 tsp kefired cream/kefir cheese

I think in total I had about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of SK for breakfast and lunch. I’m trying to alternate the SK and pickles (both homemade) with Bubbie’s pickles. I’m hoping to do a roasted tomato salsa (this recipe) when I get some local tomatoes. Hopefully this weekend! Doesn’t that picture look yummy??


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