Intro – day 10

I only got 7 hours of sleep last night. Also my toddler is teething so he woke up around 2:30 and it took a few minutes to get him back down. That being said, I’m actually doing okay today. I did an enema last night. 1 quart of salted water (1 tsp salt). If I was a bit more patient (I wasn’t since this was around 11 pm last night) I would have gotten everything in without needing to go! But I stopped once, ‘went’ and finished up. I only got a small amount of waste out and then…. nothing. This morning: nothing. It’s 11:15 and still no BM!! Where is that water?? I only got maybe 1 or 2 cups out at the most. I guess it will eventually come out. I don’t feel particularly bloated.

I was tempted to have lettuce with my burger last night but I didn’t. I’m not truly on that stage and I really want to try juicing first, at least the carrot. My mint is holding up well, so is my lettuce. I’m hoping to try both this weekend. I forgot to add EVOO this morning – I did do a tsp last night. I think I’m going to set up a jar of CO and EVOO and keep them at work. It’s tough to remember to take all the ‘extras’ to work with me! And I really want to add them fresh to my food. I’ve been adding pate to all the soup and broth I’ve been eating. I hope to use up all the pate as I use up the soups.

Update 4pm
Finished up all my food. Didn’t really get any sweet cravings today – I kept snacking on my pancakes throughout the day. I also had 2 almonds. Still no BM. I kinda got the urge a couple of times but nothing. I’ve been drinking lots of water to help remain hydrated. I’m thinking about starting ox bile but for now it’s enemas. This weekend when I have time I’m doing both beet and coffee to help.

Update 10:45pm
Just finished the enema. Lots of ‘stuff’ today, mostly mush, some formed pieces. I definitely got the D feeling. How can you be constipated with diarrhea??!! Oh well, I’m sticking to this stage, which I think is 4. I’m doing grilled/sauteed meats and EVOO. No nut bread for now. I’ll continue with kefir and EVOO but I’m nixing the carrot juice for now. We’ll see what happens. I did feel a lot better afterwards, like it was all gone from my body and I felt ‘clean’. Another thought: I’ve been eating more fat lately – maybe that’s what caused the D? I’m debating getting some digestive enzymes/ox bile to improve my digestion and hopefully prevent the C….. I will probably just do it. Oh well, off to bed.

Food diaries
B: 2 scrambled eggs in ghee with additional butter, sausage, 1/2 avocado, chamomile tea with ginger and honey, 1 tbsp kefir cream/kefir cheese
L: borscht with pate, broth with pate and beef, 1 tbsp of kefir cream/kefir cheese, Bubbie’s pickle, squash pancakes, hibiscus/licorice tea with ginger
D: hamburger cooked in lard, 1/2 onion sauteed in lard, green beans and carrots cooked in ghee, mayo, LF ketchup, tea with honey, 2 macaroons, 1 tsp of almond butter, 1 tsp of butter and a touch of honey, 2 tsp of carrot juice, 1/2 Bubbie’s pickle, 1 tsp of ghee with touch of honey

Note about tea: I’ve been using bags for convenience. Right now I’m using chamomile, chamomile/mint mix, peppermint and hibiscus/licorice. All are 1 or 2 ingredient teas with no additives. I sweeten each ‘cup’ – it’s more than an actual cup – with 1 tsp of honey and use 1 tsp of fresh ginger, sliced. I reuse the slices from my morning tea in my afternoon tea and I add fresh as well. If I get a chance I’ll mix up some tea this weekend so I can have a change.


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