Intro – day 9

Another good night last night. Only 8 hours (which is kinda low for me) but it was deep sleep.

Darn, I just realized I forgot ginger this morning. So I’m only having plain tea with honey today…. As you can see my intro is far from perfect. No garlic, forgot ginger, etc. Still, I’m feeling better day by day. Even after only 3 enemas I feel like things are moving down there. I’ve been having bits of gas here and there for a couple of days. And I also had no cramping or pain yesterday – just towards the end when the soft stuff came out.

Update 3pm
I didn’t finish my broth with beef so I’ll save that for tonight. I’m hoping to make burgers with mushrooms for dinner – YUM!! I’ve noticed that my craving for sweets after lunch has diminished great. I’m only getting to my pancakes now and I’ve barely touched the AB with butter and honey! I’m going to be really careful once I transition to full GAPS. I’m planning to eat almost no sweets during the week and save the ‘desserts’ for the weekend. I’m also planning to eat tons more fat with the dessert, too.

Update 4pm
I finished most of the beef and broth – not that I’m necessarily hungry, just bored. Long story… Someone offerred me a Reese’s peanut butter cup. No, thanks. TBHQ. Yep, nasty petroleum-based ‘mystery preservative’. I’ll pass. They all say I’m so ‘good’. It’s not that – everyone takes taste over substance and I quit doing that years ago. Nobody reads labels – I bet they all think it’s PB and chocolate. Well, yeah, and tons of sugar and TBHQ. I’d rather make them at home. My pancakes were awesome and my PB/butter/honey combo hit the spot.

Update 11pm
Another enema: 1 qt salted water. This time I only stopped once and very little came out. Then nothing. I’ll wait a bit, then go to bed. There was a lot of gurgling going on but no cramping.
I mixed my kefired cream with my kefir ‘cheese’ and I’m taking 2 tbsps of that tomorrow. I upped my EVOO tonight to about a tsp. I’ll up some more tomorrow.

Food diaries
B: 2 Applegate beef hot dogs with a pat of butter, cilantro salsa, Bubbie’s pickles, tea with honey (I treated myself to jasmine tea this morning – it would have been better with ginger)
L: broth with pate and beef, squash leek soup with watercress and pate, 2 tsp kefired cream, SK, 1 tps of almond butter with 1 tsp butter and a touch of honey, 4 small pancakes
D: hamburger with sauteed mushrooms and butter, 1/2 avocado, dill pickle spears, LF ketchup, chamomile tea with ginger, 2 macaroons, 3 pancakes


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