Intro – day 8

I slept very well last night and woke up refreshed this morning. Aunt Flo is also easing up which is nice.

This week I’m slowing down a bit. I’m going to concentrate on adding more pate and fat to my food. I wound up getting a whole jar – probably almost 2 cups – of pate from my shoulder roast so I’ll be adding at least 2 tbsps to each serving of soup I eat. I also have CO and ghee now in full supply so I’ll be using those. I may take a jar of both to work with me and keep them there. That way if I see them, I’ll use them!

As far as probiotics go, right now it’s homemade SK, cilantro salsa and pickles (as soon as they’re done which should be another day or so). I also have Bubbie’s pickles. Next up will be regular tomato salsa which I hope to make this weekend. I’m working on my kefired cream to make it a bit more sour. So far no reaction to the 1 tsp I had over the weekend. It tasted sooo goood.

Update 1:30pm
Just had the borscht and beef. So delicious. That soup is going to become my staple. It’s so easy and pretty affordable, too. I made a thin broth with 1 3lb shoulder roast covered with water (no veggies, just salt and peppercorns). About 1/3 of a large cabbage, 1 carrot, 1/2 large onion – all very cheap. I used 1 bunch of organic beets (2.99 – about 3 medium beets plus greens and stalks, sliced). Pate came from soft tissue of the shoulder roast and marrow from the bone, of course. This made a very thick soup – I cooked it in a 4 qt pot, I think…. It could have easily been ‘stretched’ to 1.5 gal. I have another recipe that uses apple but I didn’t do it since I’m not eating fruit yet. Oh, and I also added about 1/2 tomato that I had lying around the fridge. The most time consuming is slicing the cabbage, so if you can do it using a food processor, the entire recipe should take you about 30 min. It would be even faster if you have fresh hot broth. Mine was cold so I had to heat it up. I’m finishing up my SK and will probably have the avocado and salsa before I leave work. I have an appt. at 4 so I’ll be leaving at 3:30. I’ll probably have the other soup on the way or when I get home. It’s leftover tonight so no cooking!!

Update 10:45pm
Just finished my enema. Not too bad: over 1 qt of water, had to stop 2 times, pretty good ‘cleansing’. Still not pleasant and some mild cramps but I’m getting the hang of it. Because it kinda looked like D, I’m stopping at this stage right now. I guess it’s 4 since I’ve had some pan-sauteed meats. I’m not going to do nut bread right now and I really don’t need the juicing either. I’m going to start slowly with EVOO tomorrow to add more calories and hopefully help with the constipation. I’m looking forward to some burgers tomorrow. I’m off to bed… Oh, about my cream: I left it our for another 24 hours. I did get some separation at the bottom so I refrigerated it and took out the grains. It’s pretty sour now and sooo good. I had maybe another tsp. I’ll have more tomorrow.

Food diaries
B: 2 soft boiled eggs, 1/4 avocado, sausage patty, cilantro salsa, tea with honey and ginger
L: veggie/squash soup with pate, borscht with beef and pate, SK, cilantro salsa, 1/4 avocado, 5 almonds (crispy)
D: sauteed chicken breast, cauliflower poached in stock with butter and ghee, tea with ginger and honey, 1tsp of almond butter (homemade from crispy nuts) with 1 tsp butter and touch of honey, 4 small pancakes


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