Intro – day 7

Today didn’t start out so good… I slept about 10 hours and still woke up feeling like I got run over by a truck. Heavy limbs and general tiredness. Fortunately DH took my toddler to the zoo for a few hours so I got a chance to do my cooking for the week. Here’s what I was able to do in about 3 hours:

  • boiled green beans (with carrots and onions, salt and pepper)
  • borscht – used NCM’s recipe; have enough for the week and some to freeze for next week
  • squash leek soup – I sauteed 3 leeks with water and ghee/butter till soft; pureed with stock and steamed kabocha squash; added watercress cooked in some broth
  • I set up a shoulder roast in a crockpot yesterday; today I took out the meat and used the stock for the borscht; I cleaned up the meat and pureed all the soft bits and marrow into ‘pate’; added a whole bunch to the borscht and the squash leek soup
  • prepped potatoes and chicken for DH

I’m all out of whey. When my cream is done, I’m going to use the rest of the milk in the fridge to make kefir so I can have whey. I still have a cup of ‘kefir cheese’ (basically drained kefir) in the fridge. Maybe I can start eating that later this week. It’s nice and sour. Definitely another enema tonight. I like doing it after my toddler goes down for the night. Still feeling pretty beat at 4pm. But I did get a bunch of cooking done plus tons of laundry. I rested in between.

Update 10pm
Just did the enema. Not as much ‘stuff’ as yesterday. Also no cramping, no stomachache. It went much smoother. I’m feeling a bit better, too. I tasted a bit of the borscht after it cooled – delicious!!

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee and butter, 1/2 avocado, SK, whey, pickle, tea with honey
L: veggie/squash soup, 1 tsp kefired cream, beef with pate, salsa, mineral water, 3 small pancakes, few bites of chicken salad
D: chicken breast sauteed in coconut oil, green beans and carrots, tea with honey, mineral water, 4 macaroons, few bites of beef


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