Intro – day 5

I had 2 tsps of Epsom this morning to promote another BM. That stuff is VILE!!! I am definitely on board with enemas. They have to be better than this nasty stuff. I’m hoping to do detox baths this weekend.

I know it seems I have little variety in my food but I’m enjoying it. I will definitely buy some different veggies this weekend. I loved my cold salmon yesterday. I took my fermented salmon out of the brine. I may eat a few pieces today and then cook the rest. I made way too much for the first batch. But even cooked it should be awesome! I may try mackerel next. Or sardines if I can get them at the market. I will look, for sure.

I wanted to mention that I am moving pretty fast through the stages. I’ve had no serious health issues. I’ve been on full GAPS for almost 5 months now and I’ve been eating intro-ish for a week or so before actually doing intro. I’ve had no diarrhea – not for years. I’m also breastfeeding my 17 month old toddler so I wanted to make sure I get enough carbs for energy and don’t have too much die-off. I guess right now I’m stage 3 though I won’t be doing pancakes or other probiotic vegetables (salsa for me) until tomorrow. I may go into stage 4 over the weekend as well, if all goes well.

Update 12pm
Still no BM. Guess it’s an enema tonight. I hope I can relax enough to do it… I ate all my breakfast stuff and I’m still pretty full. I think I’ll just have my SK and juice and wait until I’m hungry to eat. I’m going to relax and read a book for 30 min.

Update 1pm
The soup was sooo good. I added 2 heaping tbsps of pate to it and I didn’t even notice it in there!! I’m going to up that dose, too. I need all the healing I can get. Once I get my CO and ghee this weekend, I’m piling that on everything, too. I hope I don’t have any trouble digesting the fats, but if so there are always enzymes. I’m having visions of pancakes fried in lard. How in the world will I eat just one??!!

Update 3pm
Still no BM but I’m hearing a lot of gurgling in my stomach so hopefully that means things are headed ‘South’! I’m sipping on my tea… relaxing… I only had half the squash – it felt really ‘starchy’ and ‘carby’. I may not even finish it today. I wish I had more ghee so I could add to it. I’ll definitely try on the weekend. Now I can’t wait to get home and do my enema! I just want all that junk out of me!!! Sigh, just a couple more hours… got here early this morning, maybe I can leave early…

Update 3:34pm
Let’s talk poo. Good news and bad news. Good: I finally had a BM. Bad: it was very soft, almost liquidy at the end, muddy. So 2 tsp of Epsom was definitely too much – 1 tsp is enough. But I’m done with that. I will try and do a small enema tonight, to try it out, and then do a full enema tomorrow. I do feel better… but there is still some gurgling so I may not be done.

Update 10pm
No more BMs today. We went out to eat so I had no chance to do the enema. I’m ready for tomorrow. There is still a bit of gurgling in my stomach. I’m definitely not going out to eat next week. Just don’t feel like I should. I really need to stick to this diet. DH actually got upset that I wouldn’t have a wafer tonight! What is it with people and their need to control what I eat??? I’m fine with what I eat, so why aren’t they???

Food diaries
B: 2 soft boiled eggs with salt and butter (2 tsp), avocado (I’m having a total of 1/2 today, some with soup), SK plus SK juice, various veggies in broth/lard (cauliflower, onion, zucchini, squash), chamomile/ginger tea
L: beef and veggies in broth with pate, chicken salad (boiled chicken and carrots with 2 tbsp of mayo), SK plus SK juice, steamed kabocha squash (1/2 cup) with butter (1 tsp) and honey (1/2 tsp), chamomile/mint/ginger tea
D: veggie/butternut squash soup with pate and boiled beef, out to Italian: veal Francese: veal batterred in egg and sauteed, served with lemon butter sauce and sauteed spinach, San Pellegrino water, butter with honey, 2 macaroons, water, fruit tea


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