Few tips and shortcuts for intro

I thought I would put together a short list of things I found useful on intro. I work outside the home and have a 17 month old at home with a nanny. I also have an almost 7 year old who’s with his grandma for the summer. DH loves home-cooked food so convenience foods or eating out is not much of an option (we usually do it once a week or so). I know my knowledge is limited as I’ve only been on GAPS for 5 months but I hope these will be helpful to someone, especially on intro. It’s hard !!!

  • Meat: definitely buy in bulk if you’re not already doing so. I have a 1/2 cow in the freezer (comes to about $6/lb). I buy local pastured chickens and pork whenever possible – otherwise it’s Whole Foods or Costco (they have organic grassfed beef and organic Coleman chicken). Seafood is rare but I do buy local shrimp if available and wild fish if fresh/available. Cooking in a crockpot saves you ton of time. I usually run it twice during a weekend and wind up with enough meat for the entire week. I’m the only one doing intro though my toddler is pretty much eating intro-ish as well. I often save bones and fat from roasted meats and use in my stock. This renders a lot of goodness into the stock.
  • Veggies: I buy lots of carrots and onions since they’re cheap (I can currently get organic Vidalia onions which are local to GA for $0.48/lb). I have been sticking to a few local veggies that I love for now: zucchini, squash, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli. I will branch out soon. I’m craving greens…. I tend to prep as much as I can on the weekend: wash, slice, cook, etc. I cook a bunch of sliced carrots one day and use throughout the week: cold or warm. I sliced up a bunch of zucchini and squash and left them raw. I would cook some as needed and as they started ‘wilting’, I cooked the rest in stock with lard and them used them up in my recipes.
  • I prepped my raw egg yolks in a little glass jar in the pm so I could take them to work in the morning. Same with whey, SK, SK juice, etc.
  • I sliced up a bunch of fresh ginger and put them in a small container in the freezer. I take it out as needed for tea.
  • I keep a stash of peppermint, chamomile and mint/chamomile tea at work along with some honey as I love my afternoon cup of tea. I try to make the tea with fresh dried chamomile flowers in the morning if I have time. I also keep some Real Salt in a shaker at work.
  • For my sweet ‘fix’, I take a bit of ghee to work with me. I eat it plain on a spoon with some honey or smear some over cooked carrots.
  • Make lots of stock. When I make beef in the crockpot, I use enough water to cover and then mix that stock with chicken – it makes for a very flavorful combination.

Guess that’s all I can think of right now. I will definitely add more as I think of them.


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