Intro – day 3

Feeling good this morning. The fish and egg were awesome this morning. Mayo tasted really good. I hope it’s not too soon to introduce it – that’s why I only had 1 tbsp. Yes, I did lick the container. Now that I think back I did put some paprika in there. Hope that’s not an issue. I brought 2 eggs with me to work today but I only had one for breakfast. I may have another one later this afternoon, we’ll see. I’m in meetings from 9 to 11 this morning so I hope my breakfast satisfies me till then. I’ll keep sipping my tea…

Update 12pm
My meeting is just over now and I’m starving! I hit the broth, veggies and meat right away. Had the probees and raw egg yolk. Whew… now I’m full. I noticed how I no longer bloat after meals. I used to, a little bit – not anymore. I also don’t burp anymore. Interesting….

Update 3:30pm
Got hungry again. I’m sipping my mint/chamomile/ginger tea. I also had the second egg with salt. I’m also going to have some of the cold chicken and have the rest of the carrots with ghee and a bit of honey. I brought a small thermos of mixed veggie/butternut squash soup but I’ll wait to have it at home. DH is having cold supper tonight so no cooking.

Update 10:30pm
Finished soup. I couldn’t help myself so I tried some more gravlox. Yummy! Still no BM. I did take a detox bath with Epsom today so I hope it helps. I’m doing scrambled eggs and avocado tomorrow as well as SK. Off to sleep…

Food diaries
B: water with ACV, 1 tsp SK juice, 1 tsp whey, soft boiled egg, 6-7 bite size pieces of gravlox with 1 tbsp mayo, chamomile/ginger tea with honey
L: broth with beef, pate, raw egg yolk, carrots, green beans, zucchini and squash, 1 tsp SK juice, 1 tsp whey, carrots with 2 tsp ghee and 1/2 tsp of honey, cold chicken with salt
D: couple of bites of gravlox, few bites of cold poached salmon with 1 tsp of mayo, veggie/butternut squash soup


4 responses to “Intro – day 3

  1. It’s so exciting to know how well intro goes after doing full GAPS for awhile. We tried starting with intro, and it went as well for us as most people. We’ll be waiting until the cold snap in autumn this time to correspond with the seasonal eating so intro makes sense. Can’t wait to hear how things progress (especially since we’ve all slowed down on blogging now)!

    Jennifer N.

  2. Hi Magda!

    It’s encouraging to see how quickly you’re moving through the stages. It give me hope (still stuck on stage 1 and this is my 7th day).

    Looking forward to taking this journey with you.


  3. Like I have mentioned on the list many times I don’t have any serious issues other than bad gut flora. So I’m only experiencing constipation right now. Guess it’s a good sign. I’m going to increase my probiotics, start kefir/yogurt and BioKult and hopefully I’ll see more healing.
    Happy to have you along!

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