Ready, set,…. heal!

I’m all set for intro tomorrow. Here’s what I have on hand:

  • broth: chicken/beef combination that is very tasty; I added some feet to it so we’ll see if it gels
  • cooked meat: chicken, beef, pork
  • veggie soup
  • butternut squash soup
  • cooked carrots and green beans – both were cooked in water
  • fresh ginger sliced up and frozen for ‘tea’ plus peppermint and chamomile/peppermint tea bags

I also have some sliced up zucchini and squash ready for cooking. And a cauliflower. I will cook a kabocha squash this week for my pancakes. I have ghee, avocados and local pastured eggs. For probiotics I have kefir whey, SK and pickles. I also made some cilantro salsa (LF). I have some wild salmon that I bought at Costco – I’m cooking some in broth tomorrow and the rest is going into gravlax! I can’t wait. I have had no nuts today and only a few bites of apple and a handful of blueberries. I’ve been off all supplements for a few days as well.

I have not ordered any BioKult yet. I’ll see how much die-off I have on intro. If it’s a lot, then I’ll continue with just LF veggies and dairy. If it’s not much, then I’ll order some BioKult. I will also be getting a new water filter this month so the money is being stretched a bit thin – I just ordered some CLO from Green Pastures, too.

Food diaries
B: eggs over ham, avocado, few blueberries, ginger/fruit tea
L: broth, carrots, beef ribs, mustard
D: grilled steak and asparagus, ginger/chamomile/peppermint tea, few bites of apple, handful of blueberries


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