Intro – day 1

So far so good! I have a glass of water with ACV this morning. And I warmed up my meat, broth and soups before I left for work this morning (3 thermoses alltogether). I’m all stocked up with teas, too. I took some carrots to work with me (cold). I figure if a sweet urge strikes me, I’ll just have the carrots with a bit of honey.

Food diaries
B: butternut squash soup with pate, chamomile/ginger tea with honey
L: beef ribs, broth with marrow, veggie soup with pate, peppermint/ginger tea with honey, carrots
D: crockpot pork with juices and fat, broth, zucchini and squash cooked in broth, lemon water, 1 tsp of SK juice

Update 12pm
I ate my small thermos of butternut squash soup around 9/9:15 (that’s my normal breakfast time). I’m digging into my broth and beef ribs right now (both salted). I cringed a little when I saw the bits of marrow swimming in my broth but I’m being brave and slurping them down. Ribs are awesome!! It helps that our office is cold – I’m really enjoying the hot soup and broth. And tea, too.

I’m a bit concerned since it seems I lost a few pounds. I’ve weighed as little as 101. I’m 5’3″ and feel the ‘healthiest’ between 105 and 110 – usually hovering right in the middle. I know the advice is to make sure I eat plenty of fat. So I had pate in my soups and marrow in my broth. Can’t wait to add ghee so I can eat that, too. I also have some spread with cracklins and lard at home – I may snack on that. We’ll see what happens after intro.

Update 2pm
The sweet craving hit so I had about 1 tbsp of the carrots with 1/4 tsp honey. It did the the trick! I’m saving the rest for right before I leave work.

Update 4pm
I got hungry around 3:30 so I opened up the veggie soup. Yummy. I did notice that I’m having a bit of gas – not much but I feel it anyway. Interesting. I wonder if I put too much broccoli and cauliflower in the soup. I’m also getting some mild stomach cramps… not good. I finished up my carrots and am officially out of food. I’m out of here in less than 1 hour!

Update 9pm
My cramps felt like a BM but there were only 2 small pieces. Still, the cramps stopped. I felt fine the rest of the day. I’ll be home tomorrow so I don’t have to prep any food. I separate 2 eggs so I can have the yolks in my soup. So far, so good! Though no BM today, other than what I described.


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