Intro is here!!

So I’m supposed to start this weekend. It’s bad timing since Father’s Day is here and I’m not sure if DH will want to go out. Our 7 YO is in Europe for the summer, so we only have the toddler. And we’ll probably be calling my inlaws on Sunday like we normally do so we may not go anywhere. I really want to start since I’m almost there anyway, I have my stuff ready and I just want to do it!!

I have enjoyed food this week very much and have felt full and satisfied. Both the veggie soup and butternut squash soup were awesome. I did both with parsley but I’d like to try the veg soup with dill and the squash soup with dill and basil (separately). With the sweet cravings I really do think I might have a candida issue but I can’t imagine doing an anti-candida diet right now since I’m nursing. My toddler is 17 months and still going strong!! I weaned his older brother at 3 but he probably would have kept going!! I thought this one would wean early (he’s very energetic and doesn’t like long nursing sessions) but he’s not stopped. I love it!

Food diaries
B: hot dogs, mustard, LF ketchup, butter, fruit tea with honey
L: broth, pickle and pickle juice, crockpot chicken with salt (I find I like it cold best), peach/blueberry mix, AB/butter combo (I finished one jar – I have one more but it won’t be opened until after intro)

I had the broth early – around 11 am – because it was freezing in the office. It did the trick and I warmed right up. I ate the cold chicken for lunch, followed by pickle. I drank the juice 2 hours later (to maximize probiotics). I then had the fruit. I was stuffed!! I usually have the AB/butter mix shortly before leaving work. But I still have a thermos of soup (mix of my veggie soup, butternut squash soup and pate) and an avocado! It still amazes me how much less I’m eating….

The craving for sweets is ever present in the evening. Right after dinner. I wound up having a piece of GAPS-legal candy (sort of a Mounds candy bar, sweetened with honey and made with coconut oil and pistachios). That helped. I hope I can fight these cravings during intro. I really want to do it right. I’ll be refreshing my kefir grains this weekend. I also would like to get a yogurt maker. I don’t trust myself with doing it in the oven and I want to do it right. I will use my local raw milk and Seven Acres Farm yogurt (it’s yummy) that WAPF recommends.


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