The best laid plans…

Yup, I’ve changed my plan a bit. Originally I was going to start intro on the weekend. I just couldn’t quite pull it together. All of a sudden I felt overwhelmed. I also had a chicken go bad and had to take it back to the store. That set me back a day.

So officially I’m easing into intro this week. This means my regular breakfast choices: eggs, sausage, avocado, hot dogs. For lunch and dinner it’s meat and veggies. For lunch I’ll be sticking to soup which means broth, meats and veggies. I’m going to eat either boiled or crockpotted meats and veggies, or just plain boiled ones (in water). I have some crockpot beef ribs plus en entire chicken which I crockpotted yesterday. I plan to start official intro on the weekend – probably Sunday. I’m limiting fruit to one a day and nuts to a small treat. My fridge is very clean. Now if I can only stay away from all the sweet treats… sigh. I really want to do intro right. I’m even going to do fermented fish. I made gravlax before from NT and loved it. I love all sorts of fish: canned, pickled, smoked, fresh. It should be no problem.

I wanted to make one more ferment for my intro. Right now I have homemade SK and Bubbie’s pickles. I saw some beautiful organic cilantro at WF and decided to do this salsa. I’ll do half the recipe and use regular onion instead of green. I only have sweet peppers on hand but I may try those anyway. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ham (last package of illegal ham), pickle (Bubbie’s), mint ginger tea
L: crockpot broth and chicken, boiled green beans and carrots with butter, pickle and pickle juice, strawberries and blueberries, AB/butter mix with drizzle of honey
D: chicken stir fry (chicken thigh meat, coconut aminos – soy sauce for DH, veggies: frozen organic mix, rice for DH)

Chicken was tasty. I saved the ‘soft bits’ for pate and bones for more broth. Pickle juice is so delicious!! Can’t wait to make my own pickles – I just saw the first pickling cukes at WF this weekend. I hope to get some local ones at the market this summer/fall. I had 4 largish strawberries and about 1/3 cup of blueberries as the fruit today – so yummy. I even took a whole avocado thinking I’d be hungry but I’m not.


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