SAD is just that: sad….

Today was ‘donut day’ at work. Two people brought in a box of donuts – one of them is right across from me (I sit as one of 4 cubes in a square). These were Krispy Kreme and some people had 2 or 3!! I wanted to scream. It’s not even food – it’s like a science experiment gone bad!! One girl in our group has been ‘dieting’ for weeks and regularly cheats with takeout food. Of course she had some – and then vowed she’s going on a diet starting Monday. Riiight….

The fridge here is full of ‘diet’ foods, ‘lowfat’ junk and takeout boxes. I actually saw a six pack of Ensure – what??? The snack and soda machines get used regularly. Arghh!!! Everyone thinks I eat ‘healthy’ because I don’t eat birthday cake and such (I’m GF due to intolerance) and have apple or similar for ‘dessert’. Uh yeah: I also splurge on meat, butter, eggs, avocadoes, etc. Guess they don’t see that…. I don’t crave what they eat but I’m so frustrated that people put that junk in their bodies and then wonder why they’re tired, sick, etc. Would you consider putting sugar in your car’s gas tank? Of course not. Yet you put chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, GMOs in your body and expect it to function normally? Good luck.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ham, tomato slices, tea, mac granola
L: crockpot beef with mustard, lettuce with quick dressing of sour cream and ancho vinaigrette, guacamole, yogurt, apple, Larabar

This is the last of illegal ham and Stonyfield yogurt. Even the vinaigrette had a bit of sugar in it – darn it !! I just didn’t have time to make dressing this week. And I’m out of mayo.

Update: wound up going out to eat and cheated. Paid for it with tummyache on Saturday morning. No more tortilla chips….


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