My intro

It seems intro has snuck up on me. I was planning to prep for it throughout the week and didn’t really do anything. It took me a few days to recover from my trip and now it’s the weekend again!

Here is my plan so far:

  • I’m going to crockpot a chicken to make broth and meat overnight tonight and I hope to make my soups tomorrow. I’m planning on 3 soups: 2 veggie (with various veggies in each, one with parsley and other with dill) and 1 butternut squash (pureed).
  • I’m going to crockpot beef ribs tomorrow. Hopefully that will last me for the week.
  • I printed off the charts from this blog to help me in tracking what to add next. It will also help me with shopping – since I work during the week I can’t just stop and buy what I need. Shopping gets done on the weekend.
  • Local pastured eggs (from HFS), avocadoes and squash is definitely on my shopping list this weekend. I plan to go to my local farmer’s market tomorrow morning and stock up on veggies.
  • I have ghee and olive oil on hand.
  • If I find some good fish, I may buy and freeze it and make fermented fish next weekend.

Update 6/11: chicken was bad so I scrapped that plan. I made ribs in a crockpot today. Shopping is tomorrow. I got some nice wild salmon at Costco today so that will be my fermented fish. Update tomorrow after my shopping is done. No farmer’s market either: I overslept but I felt like I needed the rest more than the veggies. Maybe next week….


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