Intro planning

I’m feeling much better today. The soup yesterday was delicious and I think emotionally I felt better about eating it. Like I was back in the saddle! My toddler also loved it for lunch – he’s so easy to feed. This morning I checked on the soup to make sure he had enough and it was like jello!! Awesome. I will be starting intro this weekend. Saturday if I can, but most likely Sunday. I’m going to do another post with just intro information.

Food diaries
B: hot dogs, mustard and ketchup (both GAPS legal – ketchup is LF), butter, pickle, peppermint tea with honey
L: chicken with a bit of coconut aminos, raw carrot and pepper, lettuce leaves, 1/2 avocado, sauerkraut, yogurt (1/2 Stonyfield maple, 1/2 plain), Starbucks cappuccino with honey, peach
D: ground pork patties with cheese, sauerkraut, pickle, zucchini sauteed in pork fat, tea, macadamia nut granola

I had a craving for coffee today – hence the Starbucks. I have coffee at work but there is no real creamer and I refuse to have the powdered stuff.  The Stonyfield yogurt is leftover from my OS’s lunches. DH won’t eat it so I’m mixing it with plain yogurt to have less sugar (even so it tastes soo sweet to me). I’m out of my frozen chocolate bananas and I’m going to finish the peanut butter bars this weekend – less temptation for sweets. But.. I am very committed to do intro right.


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