Vacation detail

So I’m in a funk. Big time. I just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things… maybe I just need a few days. DH is tired of his job, tired of the heat, he misses his family, wants to move back home… I just can’t contemplate it right now. I’m also missing OS. He’s doing fine with the grandparents though, so I’ll survive.

The vacation went well overall (too short, but which vacation isn’t?) but I did cheat a few times. It was almost unavoidable. My MIL didn’t have any honey when I got there so I used a bit of sugar a few times before we went to pick up her order of local raw honey (yummy). I also had a few bites of chocolate here and there. I did eat quite a bit of dairy (some awesome plain yogurt made from cream, hard cheeses, farmer’s style cheeses) but it didn’t seem to bother me. Lunchmeat (ham, turkey, salami) had nitrites in it I’m sure plus sugar for ham and turkey. Dinner was always home cooked so I was able to ‘stay on the wagon’. I skipped the rice/noodles but did have some new potatoes which were delicious. I took some Larabars with me as snacks and some coconut milk. I did have a small cup of coffee every day – sweetened with honey and served with cream or milk and coconut milk. It wasn’t all bad – there were a lot of good points about the food:

  • veggies were local, many from my in-laws’ garden
  • I pigged out on strawberries – homegrown and so delicious
  • meat is very tasty – not sure if they have CAFOs in the Czech Rep but I’m sure they’re not the size they are here
  • there was plenty of butter – I don’t think it was pastured but it did have a good ‘creamy’ taste
  • homegrown eggs – chickens are cooped up and they do get feed but they also get leftovers plus surplus produce from the garden; they love bones and meat!!
  • local mineral water

Of course I had to eat at the airport. I stuck to salads which means the only illegals were probably the dressing. I also had a coffee on the way back – going through security and customs was awful and I needed a pick-me-up. It worked and I didn’t get a headache either. My boys ate a somewhat SAD diet while there. My toddler did get bread twice a day but didn’t eat much of it. I tried to keep sugar to a minimum (mostly in yogurt and the few sweets he got). Now DH seems more interested in what I’m feeding him and he asked why I don’t feed him potatoes/rice to ‘keep him fuller’. I don’t even want to get into that discussion…

Eczema is worse (it was actually bad before we left and I can’t figure out why – nothing in his diet has changed). His whole torso is covered plus patches on his elbows, thighs and behind knees. I did say that I would try a diet while he’s on vacation (3 weeks) to see if it would improve. I sure hope so. If I can show him that 3 weeks on intro would get rid of eczema that might convince him to let me try full GAPS for a while. we’ll see….

Food diaries
B: 2 soft boiled eggs, ham and turkey (not GAPS legal), butter, fresh ginger/chamomile tea with honey
L: ground beef with veggies, almond butter and ghee, broth, sauerkraut, lettuce leaves, plain yogurt, apple, Larabar
D: chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, sauteed in coconut oil and ghee, veggies, sauerkraut, 1/2 cup of coffee

I haven’t defrosted my sausage yet so I’m finishing the ham/turkey for breakfast. I also bought some plain yogurt to have something quick for lunches this week. It will be my last before I start intro and hopefully make my own. I do have 5-6 quarts of stock in the freezer. I need to stock up on veggies and squash. I’m going to get back to full GAPS this week and hopefully have everything ready by Sunday to start intro.


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