Food on the plane

I wanted to write a separate post about food on the plane (and at the airport).

I took a lunchbox full of food for me and my toddler, plus a sippy cup and straw cup full of tea. They ran everything through the scanner and tested the straw cup separately. That was it!! I had some boiled eggs, Larabar, dry snacks (raisins, etc.), granola.

We had lunch at the airport in Washington (can I say that I hate Dulles??). Mexican: I had a salad with pork carnitas and OS had a chicken quesadilla which he devoured. They forgot to give me dressing so I ate it with salsa and sour cream. We then had some Ben and Jerry’s (what can I say: it was an almost 6 hour layover and we were ready for a treat). I had a smoothie (pretty good though there was sugar in the sorbet they used) and OS had ice cream. Total? $11. Yep, not cheap.

I made the mistake (AGAIN) of ordering GF meal. Gross!!! Margarine instead of butter, rice cakes – bleh… At least they served an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing which was yummy (though not quite legal). The main hot meal was chicken, potatoes and veggies. Bland, bland, bland. But I ate it, with the help of the dressing. The rest was forgettable.

About 30 minutes before landing OS threw up – it was his plane meal. I’m not sure what happened (he doesn’t get car sick and the meal was pasta with cheese and chicken). He was pretty miserable but got better when we got off the plane. He slept in the car. The toddler did great!!!

Coming back I had some homecooked meat and veggies. I ate half of it. I didn’t have any trouble with it in Vienna but they made me throw out my chicken at the Dulles airport. Darn – I should have just eaten it!! Security was horrible. I forgot to take out the baby food (pureed fruit – but still considered ‘liquid’) so I had to be taken to a separate counter and everything was tested. All clear!! We were exhausted. I wound up buying a chicken salad from Wendy’s – not bad. It did have bleu cheese on it (not legal) and the dressing was crap but it hit the spot and I seem to have had no reactions. I also ordered a coffee – again, this was after a 9+ hour flight with a toddler. He slept 1.5 hours – I didn’t sleep. The main meal on the plane was delicious: salmon, new potatoes, veggies. Again, I ate it with the dressing they provided. They gave me a free banana for the baby on the plane and we shared.

Overall, not a bad trip. I am definitely NOT ordering GF meals again – they are just horrible. I think they try to make a GF/DF, salt free, lowfat, etc. all in one meal!!! Yuck. I ate less than I expected but had plenty of food. I think I did a pretty good job of stearing clear of nasties (like dry coffee creamer – they did serve the real stuff on the long flight). I ate as little sugar as possible – I can’t really do coffee without it. Larabars helped a lot – my toddler loves them, too. He nursed like a champion (there was at least one more nursing mom on the plane!!) and didn’t have any trouble with takeoff or landing. I’m so proud of my boys!!!


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