Back from vacation

I’m back from vacation. Still a bit of jet lag left but I’m okay.

It will probably take a few days to get back into the GAPS groove. I’m a bit discouraged right now. I ate several illegal items over the last week and a half. Mostly bits of sugar here and there, some new potatoes, etc. Nothing major, but still. It was hard being around people who were not supportive of the diet, who saw me as ‘weird’. I also drank coffee all week. One small cup in the afternoons, with cream or milk and honey. I did the best I could with food. I will describe the details in another post.

I’m planning to get back on full GAPS with no illegals this week and hopefully start intro next week. If not, then the week after. I want to make sure I’m mentally ready and I have all the food prepared. Hope everyone is doing well!

Food diaries
B: 2 eggs over ham, butter, tea with honey
L: ground beef with veggies, ghee and almond butter, lettuce leaves, sauerkraut, banana, Larabar
D: zucchini noodles, tomato sauce, crockpot beef, Parmesan cheese, tea, water, 1/2 banana with chocolate and coconut flakes, CLO


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