Vacation !!!

Today is my last day at work before my vacation. We fly out early tomorrow – by ‘we’ I mean myself, my almost 7 YO and my 16.5 MO. Yep, just me and the boys!! I’m going to try and post this before I go to bed tonight – hopefully I won’t forget!! I won’t have access to internet while I’m gone but my nephew across the garden from my in-laws has internet so if I make it there, I may post an update. It will be an adventure!

Update pm: all packed and heading to bed. Will be up at 6 am.

Food diaries
B: hot dogs, mustard (finally bought Annie’s which is GAPS-legal – it was on sale at WF!!), sauteed veggies in butter, peppermint/ginger tea
L: chicken salad, sauerkraut, veggies in butter (carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, squash), smoothie, peanut butter bar, 1/2 apple with AB, tea
D: going out since I don’t feel like cooking – I’ll have plenty to do with tidying up and packing

I’ve been trying to cut down the ‘illegal’ teas to 1 a day and make the rest ‘legal’, like peppermint, chamomile and ginger. This morning I had my leftover chamomile/ginger tea (made with real ginger pieces) combined with peppermint tea. Very tasty!

Someone offered me an egg McMuffin this morning. I thought I’d eat the egg and cheese off it. Well…. cheese was the ‘plastic’ American variety so I skipped it (it was virtually melted into the bun anyway). The egg tasted HORRIBLE. I couldn’t even stomach a bite. BLEH… Don’t get me wrong: I buy at least 1/2 of my eggs at WF (I get the Latta’s eggs in 18 count carton – they taste great to me) but these eggs were just awful. I remember someone gave me a biscuit one time with egg, cheese and sausage and that wasn’t half bad. The McMuffin went in the trash (where it belongs).


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