Had coffee today…

Just 1 cup. A friend of mine here at work brought a local coffee (I’m in GA, the coffee is from TN). It was called “Hawaiian hazelnut” and had hazelnut and coconut flavors. So yummy. I had it with creamer and some honey. We’ll see if I get a headache or anything. I haven’t had coffee in months….

I’m cleaning out the fridge. We’re down to our last few fresh veggies and fruit.

Food diaries
B: fried eggs over ham, pancakes with butter, peppermint/orange tea
L: ground beef cashew butter mixture, lettuce leaves, PB/AB/CB/butter, grapefruit
D: Italian beef (crockpot beef, zucchini, squash, carrots, tomatoes, spices, butter) – plain for me, rice pasta for family, 1/2 banana in chocolate and coconut, peanut butter bar, chamomile tea with ginger

I just had this brilliant thought that hollandaise is just another mayo… or is mayo another type of hollandaise? I love hollandaise. When it congeals in the fridge I love eating it off the spoon or spread over just about anything. I put some in my chicken salad as I ran out of mayo. YUM.

Update 5/25: no headache today so I guess I handled the coffee fine. I was tempted to have another today, but I didn’t. I’ll go ahead and do a brief post about today in a bit.


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