Busy weekend

It’s been a busy weekend. I did well… and then not so well. I try not to be too hard on myself but it’s tough because I want to be perfect. We went out to eat on Friday night. I did good: had Caesar salad without croutons, grilled Norwegian salmon with tomato/basil sauce and sauteed spinach with olive oil and garlic. Sparkling water to drink. Then came desserts – I had a few spoonfuls of creme brulee and chocolate mousee with coconut. Not terrible…

At home it was same old, same old… My cheats come mainly with bits of sugar: ham, bacon, sweet stuff… It shows I probably have problem with either sugar addiction or candida. I will definitely NOT do it on intro. Right now my go-to ‘sweet’ is peanut butter, almond butter and butter mixture – no honey. It works great! I also love my chocolate covered frozen bananas. I tried the recipe here but for some reason it didn’t turn out. It was way too thick. I added more butter and coconut oil but it seized and wouldn’t come together. I added cream to make it ‘milk chocolate’ but that didn’t work either. I may try again after my intro – I didn’t waste the results though!!

No broth for OS but he has been eating better. Less junk, less sweet stuff, more fruit, actually finishing meals. Less bread as well, fewer carbs overall. Slow progress. Just 1.5 weeks and he’ll be Grandma’s for the summer!

Food diaries
B: eggs over ham, radishes, tomato, green onion, cucumber, cheese, tea
L: grilled grassfed steak, asparagus, zucchini, squash, sauteed mushrooms with butter, fresh juice (carrot, orange, apple, beet, daikon)
D: shiitake mushroom soup, chicken with veggies, butter and hot sauce, creamed spinach, tea, strawberries and cream


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