My story – part 3

This is the good part! When I found Weston Price, Nourishing Traditions and overall traditional food. It actually began with.. my dog! I wanted to feed her raw and it just so happened that the lady that supplied me with various meat cuts also had a raw dairy drop-off at her house. It all started there. I found out about WAPF, Sally Fallon, NT, etc.. and my journey began. I switched to raw milk and got rid of canola oil. Yikes! I happily went back to butter and began buying ‘better’ butter. I researched organics and began buying as much as I could. I slowly changed my recipes to be more NT-friendly. This took years… During this time we moved from an apartment to a house so I had a bit more space and a freezer. I sourced out local farms for pastured meat and eggs. I found a local market. I still had a ways to go. In 2004 when I had my first son, I was still drinking Sprite – though very occasionally. Shortly after I found out I was gluten-intolerant and went GF. Before I had my second son in 2010 (both were homebirths, by the way!) I found I had trouble with dairy as well. All of a sudden my beloved raw milk was giving me a monster headache!! Dairy was also giving me ‘brain fog’. So I went CF though not 100%. I have never given up butter. Even now I have occasional cheese and sour cream as well as some plain yogurt. I’m hoping that with GAPS help I can go back to dairy since I’m not truly dairy-intolerant. I think I simply have trouble digesting it.

So here I am now. 10 years and 2 kids later…. I’m eating local as much as I can and much less processed. I’m buying local pastured beef and pork. I get local pastured eggs when I can. I found good sources for coconut products, olive oil, ghee, etc. My produce is almost all organic and/or local. I freeze excess produce when in season. I soak and dehydrate nuts. I use only natural cleaning products. I’m lucky to have a house with no carpet!! We have tile and hardwood throughout. I love it!!

I still have ways to go. My toddler has eczema. OS is a very picky eater. DH is about to quit smoking and I’m sure s**t will hit the fan then. But we’re eating and living better overall and I’m very proud of my accomplishments so far. Now that I’m on GAPS (toddler, too, for the most part) the only way to go is to health!

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs in ghee, sausage, raw cheese, tea
L: cabbage with butter, crockpot beef, sauerkraut (red cabbage), squip (acorn squash and pumpkin with CO), strawberries, PB/AB/butter, tea, water
D: shiitake mushroom soup, chicken with green beans in butter and hot sauce, red wine, tea, chocolate bark (GAPS-legal)


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