Still truckin’…

Nothing interesting has been happening around here. It’s getting closer and closer to my trip. While I can’t wait to get away on a vacation, GAPS puts a different spin on things. I’m taking a bunch of food with me and hopefully I can fill in the gaps (no pun intended) with my MIL’s food.

OS has been eating very well the past few days. He drank his cup of broth in seconds yesterday and commented how good it was! Unbelievable. He also ate a popsicle made out of my smoothie. Junk food is almost completely gone now. No chips, cereal almost finished, chocolate almost gone, no bunnies or crackers. I have some homemade GF peanut butter cookies in the freezer so I’ll take them out. Plenty of fat there and low in sugar.

I’m beginning to eat a bit less than before. My milk supply seems steady – that was my main concern. I’m getting my probiotics in as well as my broth. I made some shiitake mushroom soup yesterday – delicious. Without the egg white it would have been intro-legal, with raw egg yolks. I’m tightening up the amount of sweets and nuts I eat – I think my addiction to sugar/sweets is still there. And I think my flatulence is due to sugar – even a tiny bit. I really have to concentrate on that, especially during intro. I had the last piece of chocolate today. All the tomato products in the house are GAPS legal. I just have to replace the mustard with something legal and make more LF ketchup. I’m almost out.

I did not have broth today – I forgot to defrost it and didn’t feel like the mushroom soup. OS ate a tsp of spinach after  a bit of a struggle. He didn’t eat lunch today – said his tummy hurt. I wonder if it was from the broth. My stomach is gurgling tonight, but not much flatulence. I wonder why… maybe I’ll have some kvass tonight.

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with cheese and mustard, smoothie, fresh ginger tea mixed with blueberry tea
L: hamburger with mayo and ketchup, lettuce, tomato, 1/2 avocado, kimchi, 1/2 grapefruit, peanut butter bar
D: eggs on ghee, spinach with garlic, butter and sour cream, cauliflower pancakes, few strawberries, 1/2 banana in chocolate and cashews

I found the fresh ginger tea to be pretty strong – at least at first. It does mellow out as it sits. It was delicious! I made the mayo last night with a mix of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. I will try EVOO and CO mix next – that should be intro-legal though I will probably not eat much mayo on intro.


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