Moms’ weekend

I don’t think it’s enough to have a mother’s ‘day’. It should be at least a weekend. So I’m claiming a mothers’ weekend.

I’ve been having trouble updating and publishing my posts in the evenings. I wind up being too tired or groggy from putting my toddler to bed. Last night I actually fell asleep with him, in my t-shirt, without brushing my teeth. Bleh…

I’m trying to get everything done today so I can have the day ‘off’ tomorrow. I’m off to a good start. I went to the local market this morning. Got a bunch of veggies and 2 dozen eggs for $30. Came home, made breakfast, cleaned up, did laundry and went for a chiro adjustment with the boys. All before noon! Made and had lunch, finished laundry, vacuumed and put my toddler to bed. Cleaned a bathroom. I still have crockpot beef leftover plus meatballs in sauce. I’m making Dutch cutlets tomorrow (my MIL’s recipe made with ground pork and Parmesan cheese).

OS had his leftover wings and fries this afternoon but he did eat 2 green beans (voluntarily) and he’s had a cup of broth the last 2 days in a row. Progress!! I’m sticking to no more junk snacks – I won’t buy any more and we’re pretty much down to chocolate in the house. I rarely buy cookies or crackers anyway. I have two packages of good frozen ready-to-bake cookies if the mood strikes the boys (nothing nasty, all natural).

Update: fell asleep again. Toddler was testy after a 3 hour nap this afternoon. I did get some shopping done (clothes, household supplies). I got up at 1:45 am, brushed my teeth and off to sleep again.

Food diaries
B: soft boiled eggs, pate, cheese, tomato, radish, green onion, butter, tea
L: crockpot beef, sour cream, green beans, carrots, sauerkraut (red cabbage)
D: out to eat: shrimp cocktail, cheese/chorizo/poblano pepper melt, few sips of unsweet tea, tea at home

I missed my broth entirely today – I will make up tomorrow. I want to make a pot of shiitake mushroom soup. I think with all this cheating my healing has stopped. No more die-off but I’m also feeling a bit foggy. Could be dairy, I suppose. I’m craving yogurt which I’m not sure is good. I really need intro… soon!


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