It’s a brand new day

And that’s a good thing. Last night I felt so discouraged. It was the third day in a row when my son didn’t eat his lunch. He survived his entire day on a juice box (Fruitables) and a snack. I gave him some fried chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and a 1/2 cup of blended veg soup. Of course he wouldn’t eat the soup. He took one sip and declared he didn’t like it. He wouldn’t budge. I finally got him to take 1 tsp of it. It will be 1 tbsp today and so on. I hope I can continue. Today he got 1/2 croissant with butter, PB and J along with the juicebox. He also got a yogurt for a snack. We’ll see how much he eats. On a better note, he finished the last of the cheese curls and bunny crackers and I won’t be buying any more. I’m going to treat each day as a new opportunity and I told him: ‘This may kill one of us but I’m not giving up.’. I have talked to him about my diet, about retraining your taste buds, etc. I’m explained, threatened, pleaded, etc. I don’t want to force him but something has to change. He’s eating fewer and fewer foods. I cannot give up and let him eat school food again, I just can’t.

I was so distraught yesterday than when DH said his stomach hurt after eating the potato salad from Publix, I said ‘Go on a diet.’ He looked at me and I said ‘If you have a problem, fix it. Go on a diet, heal your stomach and you won’t have these problems.’ He just shook his head. I know he won’t quit eating what he’s eating but then he complains and I have to listen to it. It gets old. I want to be supportive but I also want him to take charge of his own health.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, sausage, pancakes, tea
L: cauliflower pancakes with ghee, crockpot beef with veggies, salad of cucumber, tomato and avocado, kimchi, plain yogurt, apple with PB/AB/butter
D: meatballs in tomato sauce, zucchini and mushrooms in ghee/butter, green tea, square of chocolate, broth

I felt better tonight. My son didn’t do better with his lunch but he ate supper and had a cup of broth with it. He also had a pretty good  breakfast: tortilla with cheese and bacon (I use Rudy’s Organic Spelt Tortillas). I keep reminding myself: one step at a time. I did have some chocolate tonight plus a bit of sugar in the tomato sauce. I forgot about LF veggies tonight. My toddler ate like a fiend – the meatballs and zucchini disappeared and I had to add some more from my plate. He gives me hope!! He’s basically 99% full GAPS and he’ll love intro as he loves veggies and soups.


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