Health update

I really wanted to put down on paper the improvements I have seen in my health so far. Even though I’ve only been on GAPS for about 3 months and haven’t done intro, I can still see signs of improvement. So here’s the short list:

  • No more white tongue – I always thought this was related to dairy. Maybe not. I am still eating cheese and having occasional sour cream and yogurt and I have no white tongue.
  • Regularity – I have a BM once a day. No more constipation.
  • No more stomachache – unless I cheat of course.
  • No more gunk in my eyes. There is so little in the morning, I barely feel it.
  • Regular periods. With my first child I got my monthly back after about 7 months (I went back to work and he started some solids even though I pumped until 1 year and continued BF until he was 3). It was always regular after that. With my second son I never got my period back. My first one showed up when he was 10 months and I got another one when he was 12/13 months. He’s now 15.5 months and I got my second regular period. I’m hoping this will continue.
  • No more gas – again, unless I cheat. My gas got so bad (in the evenings especially) that it was uncontrollable and very embarassing.

Of course there are still things I’d like to fix but they are very long-term:

  • Better hair: shinier, not brittle, thicker.
  • Better BMs.
  • No more gas, cramps or stomachache.
  • Regulated hormones – as in libido. Right now I have none.

I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of any right now. I’m still pretty amazed that I have seen so much improvement in so little time. And with cheating. And with no intro. I’m hoping for more healing as I do intro.

Bit of bad news tonight: my son is becoming the poster child for GAPS. He’s eating fewer and fewer foods, tending towards carbs and sweets. Will not eat any veggies AT ALL. No use in trying to hide them. Today we fought for HOURS until he took 1 tsp of blended veggie soup. 1 TSP !!! He had to follow it with a glass of water. He got hysterical. He’s gone for 3 days now without eating lunch because he didn’t like one part of it – like he didn’t like the Canadian bacon on his sandwich so he didn’t touch it. I’m at a loss as to what to do. I don’t want to give up but I’m not sure what to try. DH is frustrated, doesn’t have any ideas and tries to put it back on me. He NEEDS GAPS but it’s not going to happen. I hope I can make some headway in 3 weeks, then he’s off to Europe for the summer with my in-laws. I’m going to have a very serious talk with my MIL to see if she can help him. I really don’t want to end today on a bad note so I’m off to have my broth and relax a bit.

Food diaries
B: hot dogs with mustard and cheese, pancakes with butter, peppermint tea
L: cauliflower pancakes with ghee, crock pot beef in sauce with veggies, sauerkraut (red cabbage), squip, plain yogurt, strawberries
D: stir fry with shrimp in broth, broth with pate, 1/2 banana in chocolate and cashews


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