You’d think I’d learn…

… but no. I had to cheat. Again. Repeatedly. I started with a piece of chocolate (86% so not much sugar). Then a rice noodle. On to a few sips of smoothie (Haagen Dazs). Finished with a few licks of ice cream. I think the ice cream did it because I felt nauseous within 15 minutes. I will not be doing that again. It all happened because I didn’t have enough to eat for lunch. Again, I’ll plan better next time.

I have plenty of food ready for this week. I sliced up mushrooms and bok choy. I steamed cauliflower. I can’t wait to try the pancake recipe I found here – thanks Justine! I defrosted some broccoli. I made 2 quarts of veggie soup in broth – some for me, some for my toddler for lunch. I defrosted and prepped some local shrimp and made some meatballs which I’ll cook tomorrow. I also have some zucchini and cabbage which I haven’t prepped yet. Quart of stock is ready in the fridge.

Food diaries
B: coconut bread with butter, pate and pickles, cheese, few bites of bacon, tea
L: tomato soup, 1/2 apple with peanut butter (fresh ground organic peanuts)
D: taco beef filling, zucchini and eggs, pineapple, sauerkraut, macaroons

Nothing exciting here. I really don’t think I ate enough. Maybe I’m forgetting?? Yeah, I did eat some cold chicken, maybe 1/4 cup. I will work on my story, part 2 tomorrow. Good night.


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