The good, the bad and the not so bad

Today was that kind of day. We had to go to a dealership to buy DH’s leased car so I knew we’d be out of the house for a few hours (hopefully just a few) and probably out to lunch. We had a pretty good breakfast so I wasn’t worried. Boys behaved pretty well. We went to a Mexican place. I usually get a shrimp cocktail but I decided on a salad. It was good.

Didn’t get much done. I did crockpot a chuck roast for tomorrow and made a tomato soup. That’s about it. Grocery shopping and more food prep tomorrow. I did get the laundry done and some minor cleaning up.

So… the good? Ate pretty much full GAPS and got in pate and broth. Lots of protein, some grassfed. The bad? Few illegals. Not so bad? The eating out. I didn’t cheat and I don’t feel bad. The tummyache may come later, though. I’ll have to see. Oh, I didn’t do any ferments today. I think the pickles at breakfast were fermented. I just finished a quart of red cabbage sauerkraut so I may have some of that bef0re bed.

Food diaries
B: eggs fried over Canadian bacon, coconut flour bread with butter, pate and pickles, tea
L: salad (lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream, salsa, steak), unsweetened tea
D: cup of tomato soup, taco salad (ground beef, salsa, sour cream, avocado), 2 tsps of pate, tea, few bites of mango and apple

Canadian bacon was not legal – no nitrates/nitrites but still had sugar. Pate for dinner was actual pate made out of liver. I mixed some into the hot ground beef mixture – not too bad. Tomato soup was basically half chicken broth and half tomato puree (I use Pomi from a tetra pak – nothing but tomatoes). Then I add some sour cream and season. Yummy. I may have a couple of macaroons before bed. I hope to continue with part 2 of my story tomorrow.


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