The best laid plans…

Never managed to get to bed early. DH came home after 9:30 and we got to talking.

This morning I noticed a slight stomachache. I wonder if I’m eating too much, or too many different things, or I don’t know what… I was really stressed out last night, too, because my older son wouldn’t eat his dinner. He barely ate his lunch and then freaked out when he saw bits of veggies in his fried rice. He ate 2 tbsps and that was it. Wouldn’t eat any more even when I said he wouldn’t get anything else. And he went to bed. This morning he finished all of his cereal (I know – it’s a battle for another day) and raw milk. Hopefully he’ll eat his lunch today. I keep telling myself that I will not worry about his food and won’t make it an issue, but I do worry anyway. His diet seems to be getting worse and no amount of talking, pleading, bribing, explaining, etc. will do anything. I know GAPS would help but he won’t do it and I don’t think DH would support it. It would be very hard in the beginning, too. So I will be doing several other things: moving all ‘snacks’ downstairs where DH’s office is. No more sweets during the week – other than yogurt or fruit. More meat/fat, fewer carbs. Less cereal during the week (he doesn’t eat it on the weekends). I’m going to have a serious talk with my MIL when I take my son overseas for the summer. I hope she has more success with him than me. I’m counting on it – I need help!!

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs with ghee, sausage, pancakes, peppermint tea
L: crockpot chicken, kimchi, smoothie, apple, coconut water, squip

I didn’t really have a plan today and didn’t feel like prepping anything. So I took a little bit of everything I had in the fridge. Hope I’m not hungry… I probably wont’ be but I’m paranoid about it for some reason.

I think my smoothie went bad so I didn’t drink it. I was okay though the apple did give me a bit of heartburn – very strange. Plus I had some tummy rumbling and flatulence this evening. I wound up eating a taco salad (romaine, beef, salsa, cheese, sour cream). Very yummy. Then a few macaroons (egg white, honey, cocoa, vanilla, coconut). I’m having some tea and off to bed. I have lots planned for this weekend and no food in the fridge. I will probably have the oven and crockpot going tomorrow. Good night.


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