My story – part 1

I wanted to go back and give a bit of a background of what my diet was like pretty much all of my life. I guess I should go back to my childhood. I grew up and spent the first 14 years of my life in Poland. Food wise it was tough as you couldn’t buy many things and grocery stores were often out of basics like sugar, butter, etc. You had to stand in lines for meat. OTOH the food was probably more locally grown and less processed. My mom made her own sauerkraut and ketchup and cooked everything from scratch. I do not recall going out to a restaurant until I was a teenager. She regularly made stock from scratch and we ate a variety of foods, all locally grown. Very little was imported at the time. She also made us eat liver regularly – I didn’t care for it, but had to do it anyway. It involved lots of tea 🙂 My mom grew up with her grandmother eating lots of fat which she didn’t care for – I think she just couldn’t digest it. So in her own cooking she used fat sparingly. I remember being starved for it and eating butter by the spoonful. I still do that BTW. All in all it was a pretty good diet. I remember having chocolate for dessert – it was usually a piece about 1″ by 1″. That was it. We only ate cakes and pies on special occasions and our only ‘snacks’ were pretzels and fruit. No junk food, no sodas. Nice.

I should also mention that I was a C-section baby. My mom only BF me for 3 months and began introducing solids slowly almost immediately after. I never had any reactions and ate pretty much everything.

At the age of almost 14 we moved to the US, namely Atlanta, GA. Our diet slowly changed. More coming up in part 2.

Food diaries
B: scrambled eggs in ghee with cheese, sausage patties, pancakes, tea
L: hamburger with LF ketchup, salad (romaine, tomato, radish, ranch), sauerkraut, cottage cheese, smoothie, PB/AB/butter, grapefruit

Breakfast is my standard breakfast around here. Cheese is Tillamook cheddar from Costco. Sausage is local and pastured – sooo good. Tea this morning was hibiscus licorice.

Wow, I sure did eat a lot for lunch… then again I’ve been eating much less in the evening for dinner. Hamburger was just plain ground beef with Herbamare seasoning – it’s local grassfed beef. Homemade LF ketchup – yum. Romaine and tomato were local, too – excellent with homemade ranch. Sauerkraut is Bubbie’s but I have a pot of my own fermenting. I finished off the last of the cottage cheese I had in my fridge – I want to cut out all dairy for a while. PB/AB/butter is my favorite snack of late: peanut butter, almond butter and butter mixed in equal amounts (about 2 tsps of each – butter is KerryGold for me). So yummy. Peanut butter was freshly ground organic peanuts from Whole Foods, almond butter was Maranatha from Costco. Oh, I had another tea at work. Orange herbal with honey.

Dinner is going to be stir fry again. I will be having the last frozen banana for dessert (frozen 1/2 banana with chocolate and coconut – yum). The chocolate is simply coconut oil, raw cacao, honey and vanilla. So simple, so satisfying. Evening was cup of broth with fat and final bit of butter oil (BO). I wound up not drinking my smoothie so it’s left for tomorrow. I think I should start eating less… it’s a bit of  a habit at work now..

Symptoms (if any): not noticing much. I think the smoked fish didn’t agree with me – it’s not legal anyway. I had a bit of tummyache early in the morning – I usually notice it when I wake up to nurse my toddler which is at either 1 am or 3 am. So definitely no more fish for me for now. I’m having a BM every day and it’s a ‘nice’ one. Bit of gas but nothing much.

I’m off to bed – a bit early today.


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