What I ate today

As promised I’m going to start listing my daily menu here. I probably won’t post many recipes to start with – I do eat fairly simple food, but I will try to be detailed. I used to do this in a Word document so it should be an easy transition. Here is the format I envision:

B: hot dogs, mustard, cheese, pancakes, tea

L: smoked fish, guac with tomato, kimchi, squip, strawberries, smoothie

D: chicken and beef stir fry with coconut oil, macaroons, ½ banana, broth with BO

Breakfast was a standard break from ‘eggs and something’ breakfast that I do the rest of the week. I eat the Applegate beef hot dogs which are GAPS legal. Cheese was grassfed but not local. Mustard is not GAPS legal either – has sugar in it. I will be looking at getting one this weekend that doesn’t have sugar. Pancakes are made from almond flour. I have 3-4 pancakes, each about 3″ in diameter. Tea was peppermint today, sweetened with honey.

Lunch again contained illegals – I just had to finish the smoked mackerel in the fridge. Guacamole was simply cubed avocado, lemon juice, salt, pepper and cubed local tomato. YUM. Kimchi was homemade, with apple – very nice, medium spicy. Squip is a recipe I found here: http://mommajenskitchen.blogspot.com/2011/03/squip.html. I used acorn squash this time and coconut oil. Yummy. My best version was using kabocha squash. If you haven’t tried this squash, I highly recommend it. On to some semi-local strawberries. They were from NC, I’m in GA. Smoothie was homemade coconut milk, frozen fruit from Costco (mix), banana and melted butter and coconut oil. I added some grapefruit juice to keep the blender going.

Dinner was awesome. Simple stir fry with garlic and ginger – I used organic frozen veggies. Macaroons I made from all the leftover egg whites: added honey, cocoa and non-alcohol vanilla. Some had cocoa, others not. Some also had coconut flakes and orange oil. I finished my day with chicken broth with added juices/fat from a crockpot chicken and butter oil. Very satisfying and comforting before bed.

In the next few posts I plan to write my story of how I came to GAPS and what my previous diets were like. I’m off to finish my broth and to bed. Good night.


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