Welcome to my blog!

This is exciting. And scary! I have always loved reading blogs but never thought to have my own one. I mean what do I have to contribute, right? Turns out I’ve commented and contributed to so many blogs over the years, I decided to share this journey with the world.

I’ve been on the most incredible journey in the last few months… and years really. Marriage, motherhood, losing a job, embarking on improving my health through diet. So much has happened. I’ve been on the GAPS diet since Feb 1. I’ve been writing a daily journal since then, documenting what I eat every day and often how I feel, die-off symptoms, etc.

For now I’m going to just point you to the main website for GAPS: http://gapsdiet.com/. I will return shortly to briefly (hopefully briefly!) describe my journey through different diets and my eventual decision to do GAPS. But for now: welcome! And thanks for reading.


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